Point Perk for MyPoints Groupon July 9, 2024

The swag codes can contain "XXX" being random numbers and latters, they are unique for each person and you must follow the instructions.

Enter the Point Perk of your account, If it does not work or expired. Download the application and receive new poin perk direct to your phone, is different for everybody.


Perk Code: CLAIM

Cash Back: MyPoints
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*Copy and paste the Perk Code without spaces and you will get your reward in points without problems*

How to Use Your Point Perk on MyPoints

Find your Point Perk and start earning points quickly! Follow these simple steps to redeem your Point Perk and maximize your rewards:
  1. Access MyPoints.com: Go to the homepage and locate the top navigation.
  2. Find the Point Perks Box: At the top, look for the box labeled "Point Perks". Hover over it to reveal the input field.
  3. Enter Your Code: Type your Point Perk code into the input field.
  4. Click "Redeem": Once the code is entered, click the "Redeem" button to claim your Point Perk and receive your points instantly.
It's that easy! Redeem your Point Perks and start enjoying the exclusive rewards MyPoints has to offer. Don't miss any opportunity to earn extra points and boost your benefits. Sign up for MyPoints today and discover more ways to earn!

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